Bitten Warlock – REG.

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The Warlock jerkbait from Bitten Tackle is one of the most productive jerkbaits on the market today. An easy bait to work in a variety of retrieve styles, the Warlock excels while being worked fast or slow. Made of high impact plastic, this durable jerkbait is impervious to toothy critters and the damage they unleash. The strong, metal tail allows the fisherman to adjust the swimming action and gives the Walock a lot of versatility. The body is 6 1/4″ with a total length of 7 3/4 including the tail. 3.7 oz..


Black Pumpkin, Bluegill, Clown, Crappie, Ghost, Golden Shiner, Miller Perch, Orange Perch, Perch, Purple Cisco, Redhorse, Shiner, Sucker, Walleye, White Silver Scale

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