Bondy Royal

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Jon Bondy has been a multi species guide for 24 years on Lake St. Clair and the Detroit River and has fished the system for more than 30 years. As with any devoted guide, he is constantly trying to improve his craft, from searching for fish to designing better lures to catch them. That is how the Bondy Bait Company started 18 years ago. The first lure developed was the original Bondy Bait, which as of now has won 24 plus musky tournaments, followed soon by the, Bondy Magnum ,the Hot Orba and Royal Orba, St. Clair Grub and Jig, Bondy Wobbler and Mini Wobbler, and many others.


7.5 oz, 11.6 oz, 4.2 oz


Area 51, Night Sky, ORBA Black Gold, ORBA Black/Orange, ORBA Bluegill, ORBA Pearl, ORBA Space Monkey, ORBA Vomit Orange, ORBA Walleye, ORBA Zug/Chartreuse, Emerald Shiner, Sand, ORBA King Daddy Black Gold, ORBA King Daddy Zug Chartreuse, ORBA King Daddy Walleye, ORBA King Daddy Vomit Orange, ORBA King Daddy Pearl, ORBA King Daddy Night Sky, ORBA King Daddy Space Monkey, ORBA King Daddy Black Orange, ORBA King Daddy Blue Gill, ORBA King Daddy Area 51, ORBA King Daddy Sand, ORBA King Daddy Emerald Shiner

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