Clam Nitinol Spring Bobbers

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Increases sensitivity to catch light-biting fish! Made with Titanium and Nickel the Clam Nitinol Spring bobbers are not only highly sensitive, but also kink free and extremely durable.  This same material is used in the Dental Industry. Strong, durable yet pliable. Hi – Vis orange wrap and glow bead for easy bite detection.  Grab your favorite panfish rod, add Clam’s Nitinol spring bobber and you won’t miss those finicky biting fish! Building your own custom rod? Tie Clam’s Nitinol Spring Bobber on as the finishing touch!   Comes in two actions Ultra-Light  Medium-Light  Two pack Overall Length 3 ½ inches Includes PVC rubber clamp to secure to rod blank Adjustable Length Durable and highly sensitive Hi-Vis orange wrap with glow bead  


Nitinol ML, Nitinol UL

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