Clam Tikka Mino (1/16, 1/8, 3/16)

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Designed specifically for a vertical presentation, the Tikka Mino is the ultimate balanced minnow. It swims and darts like a panicked baitfish, and features unique Prism Holographic colors attract predator fish.  Environmentally friendly Zinc Alloy No plastic fin to break! Sticky Sharp Hooks! UV Glow colors attract fish in deep, dark water or during low light periods Prism “Holographic” colors reflect light and flash to attract predator fish. Molded 3D eyes add lifelike realism Industry leading “under-glass” protective packaging Available in 14 colors Available in 4 Sizes – ⅛ oz., 3/16 oz., 5/16 oz. and ⅝ oz.


Chartreuse Purple Wonderbread (Glow), Gold Black (Holo), Chartreuse Wonderbread (Glow), Firetiger (Glow), Orange Bread (Glow), Pink Wonderbread (Glow), Parrot (Glow), Pink Tiger (Glow), Purple Tiger (Glow), Red Tiger (Glow), Tiger (Glow), White Wonderbread (Glow), Perch (Glow), Rainbow (Holo), Red Gold (Holo), Silver Black (Holo)


16 1/16oz., 14 1/8oz., 12 3/16oz.

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