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 Your prescription-strength “cure” for slow walleye fishing is now available over the counter … For decades, thin-profile plastics have quietly produced numbers of oversized walleyes for tight-lipped anglers on lakes and rivers across the Midwest. When you could get one of these secretive trophy hunters to share of the tricks employed to consistently catch 10-, 12- and even 14-pound walleyes on plastics, one common theme emerged. While plastics are incredibly effective, it took a veritable arsenal of soft plastics in a vast array of sizes and shapes to consistently put fish in the boat. “As the guy who answers the phone and talks to the customers, I get a lot of feedback and suggestions for product improvements from anglers,” says Bob Gillispie, owner of B FISH N Tackle in Coralville, Iowa. “That’s when the idea for a new line of AuthentX soft plastics was born. I wanted to do away with so much of the smoke and mirrors that catches more fishermen than fish and focus on producing a thin profile bait that would produce under a wide variety of conditions.” The Moxie was created to be a soft plastic bait like no other on the market. It has a thin profile, yet a beefy belly and a longer tail that “thumps” so loud fish have to check it out!” Get yours today!    


Chart/Green, Chart/Silver Flake, Purple/Chart Tail, Oystershell, Goldcracker, Firecracker/Chart Tail, Purplecracker/Chart Tail, Great White, Dark Night, Pink/White, Honey Oil Glitter, Sassafras, PB, J, Purple/White Core


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