Custom Jigs & Spins Pulse R 2.45″ and 3.25″

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Swimbaits have been utilized by walleye and bass anglers for decades now, but not until the development of the Pulse-R Paddle Tail has a swimbait been this effective at ultra slow speeds. This bait is designed to come alive when fished slowly and produce the body and tail movement other baits lacked. More specifically, the tail on this bait does things never seen from other swimbait designs. The bottom of the tail turns 180 degrees so it’s at the top, all the while the tail is swinging out to the side before repeating in the opposite direction. This all happens when fished at an absolute crawl or when the Pulse-R Paddle Tail is in current. This bait is going to be the undoing of some BIG fish for you! The 3.25” and 2.45” Pulse-R is available in 24 proven, fish-catching colors to match any fishing scenario.    


2.45\, 3.25\


Chart/Green Core, Chart/Silver Flake, Firecracker/Chart, Goldcracker/Chart, Purplecracker/Chart Tail, Great White, Dark Night, Pink/White, Honey Oil Glitter, Sassafras, Oyster Shell, Purple/White Core

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