Daiwa Steez A TW

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The legendary top-of-the-line bass reel, adapted for brackish estuaries and saltwater. The Daiwa Steez® A TW Baitcast Reel widens its reach with a new all-aluminum housing and Zaion® sideplate, plus a Magsealed™ ball bearing at the pinion gear to ensure long-term system reliability in all waters. In all ways, the Steez A TW is tougher, stronger, and more durable than ever, yet retains its easy handling and lightweight performance. Daiwa has incorporated its patented T-Wing System for reduced line angles when casting and retrieving; combined with the high-capacity 34mm, precision machined G1 Duralumin spool and Magforce Z™ 20-step cast control, the Steez A TW delivers long, accurate casts in all conditions – perfect for fluorocarbon lines. Both the pinion and worm gears have double bearing support as part of the 8 CRBB + 1 roller bearing system, backed by Air Rotation for smooth retrieving under any load. The beefed-up 13.2-lb. ATD drag is Daiwa s smoothest ever, with a single Zaion washer and detents that impart a spinning reel-like drag sound, so you can get an accurate read when fighting heavy fish and adjust accordingly. The Zero Adjuster cast control knob comes factory pre-set for optimal performance; you may never have to adjust it. Developed in Japan, the saltwater-ready Steez A TW baitcaster is fitted with a 90mm cutaway swept handle with Soft Touch I-knob for maximum leverage and control, and its eye-catching satin finish reinforces its standing as a top-quality reel. Top-of-the-line bass reel Great for fresh, brackish and saltwater Stronger, smoother, more durable than ever Delivers long, accurate casts All-aluminum housing and Zaion sideplate Magsealed ball bearing at the pinion gear Patented T-Wing System High-capacity G1 Duralumin spool Magforce Z 20-step cast control 8 CRBB + 1 bearing system Air Rotation Super-smooth, audible ATD drag Pre-optimized Zero Adjuster cast control knob 90mm swept handle with Soft Touch I-knob   STEEZATW 1016SH M / L 8(1MBB+7CRBB) 7.1:1 29.5” 6.7 14/120, 16/100 13.2 RIGHT STEEZATW 1016SHL M / L 8(1MBB+7CRBB) 7.1:1 29.5” 6.7 14/120, 16/100 13.2 LEFT


STZATW100H (7.1:1 – Right Hand), STZATW100HL (7.1:1 – Left Hand), STZATW100XH (8.1:1 – Right Hand), STZATW100XHL (8.1:1 – Left Hand)

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