Daiwa Steez SV TWS

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Quite possibly one of the best casting baitcasting reels ever made, the Daiwa Steez SV TWS Casting Reel features Daiwa’s SV Concept and TWS T-Wing System, as well as, Daiwa’s most advanced reel technologies. Its compact profile ensures easy handling, and its new shallow SV Free Floating Spool design allows you to cast with virtually no backlashing. You barely have to thumb the spool – even with lightweight lures. The TWS T-Wing System solves an age-old problem with baitcasting reel levelwind systems as well. It reduces friction and harsh line angles on the cast by allowing line to flow freely through the wide, top section of the T-wing  system on the outcast. On the retrieve when the handle is engaged, the line then drops into the lower channel of the T-Wing for even distribution across the spool width. The result is longer, more precise casting, even spool speed, and virtually zero backlashes. The Magnesium frame and side cover keep the Steez SV TWS incredibly lightweight, and the Ultimate Tournament Drag system starts up smooth and stays smooth throughout its range.  Delivering casting performance you have to experience to believe, the Daiwa Steez SV TWS Casting Reel continues to push the limits of what is possible with casting reels. SV Spool G1 Duralumin Spool AIR BRAKE System TWS T-Wing System Magnesium Frame & Side Cover Ultimate Tournament Drag Cut-Away 80mm Swept Handle Custom Light Weight Soft-Touch Handle Knob Made in Japan TW1016SV-SH Right 7.1:1 5.5 12CR + 1RB 14/100 TW1016SV-SHL Left 7.1:1 5.5 12CR + 1RB 14/100


SVTW1016SV-SH (7.1:1 – Right Hand), SVTW1016SV-SHL (7.1:1 – Left Hand), SVTW1016SV-H (6.3:1 – Right Hand), SVTW1016SV-HL (6.3:1 – Left Hand)

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