Daiwa Zillion SV TW G

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ZILLION TW HD is a high-end reel for the discerning bass fisherman, the Zillion is well suited for cranking, small swimbaits, pitching and flipping. It is a versatile, smooth operating workhorse that excels at many different roles where precision performance is requisite. The superior performance begins with long casts from the G1 Duralumin Deep Spool. The innovative spool is constructed from a lighter alloy that is still very strong. The reduced weight of the spool allows more line capacity for its size yet freespools with a delicate balance. The T-Wing Design level-wind allows line to pay out freer, with less friction, improving distance. The 10+1 ball bearings are encased in a solid Aluminum Frame and Aluminum Side Plate making for an extremely smooth reel with tight tolerances. To prevent dirt and water intrusion, a Magsealed Ball Bearing is utilized at the most vulnerable spot on the crank. With the UTD or Ultimate Tournament Drag, the reel has smooth stopping power. The Extended UVA Handle is easy to grab and applies more torque per crank. If you are looking for a high end bass caster almost too pretty to be called a workhorse, than you owe yourself a look at one of the smoothest operating reels on the market, the ZILLION TWS HD.     1 Magsealed Ball Bearing (MBB) G1 Duralumin Deep Spool 11 Bearing System (1 MBB + 9 CRBB + 1RB) T-Wing System (TWS) Ultimate Tournament Carbon Drag (UTD) with 15.0 lbs drag max Large 100mm swept power handle with EVA handle knobs Rugged, lightweight aluminum frame and handle side plate Durable Zaion lightweight side plate  Magforce®-Z cast control Zaion swept star drag Micro-click tension knob


ZLNSVG100H (7.1:1 – Right Hand), ZLNSVG100HL (7.1:1 – Left Hand), ZLNSVG100XH (8.5:1 – Right Hand), ZLNSVG100XHL (8.5:1 – Left Hand), ZLNSVG100 (6.3:1 – Right Hand), ZLNSVG100L (6.3:1 – Left Hand)

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