Drifter Croc

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This is DEFINITELY not your average dive and rise! The Croc’s secret sauce is all in the details!  What makes The Croc different from other “dive and rise” baits on the market is its PATENT PENDING design.  Looking at the nose of the bait, you will see a truly unique line attachment point.  This design forces your line and leader to “SNAP” from side to side on each jerk of your rod.  This snapping action causes the lure to swing side to side erratically.  Additionally, this side to side snapping action also creates an unmatched belly roll that FLASHES the various belly and back colors of the lure.  Lastly, the Croc is designed with a very slow rise that evokes a deadly “death pause” that predator fish simply cannot resist! Couple all of the deadly fish catching features of the Croc together and you have a unique bait that fish simply haven’t seen anything like. Depending on how you fish the lure, they will run anywhere from just under the surface to 5 feet deep. The Croc is available in two sizes:  8” 3.28 ounces  &  10” 6.98 ounces.




Firetiger, Perch, Sucker, Glitter Walleye, Black Widow

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