Duo Realis Spinbait 100

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Give it your 100% in the Spybaiting game! The Realis SPINBAIT is the vehicle for Spybaiting, one of the fastest growing finesse techniques in fishing. And the Realis SPINBAIT 100 is DUO`s largest vehicle in the range. Imitating mature bait fish, this bait was created for bait casting anglers. The SPINBAIT 100 gives unmatched casting distance and superior trajectory in its class. The 100 model combines the aerodynamic and hydrodynamic design of the original Spinbait into a larger heavier lure that will widen the field and species that anglers target. The increased and taller profile will provide additional flashing effect that works together with the trademark rolling action of the Spinbait series. The sturdy body construction gives this lure the durability it needs to sustain repeated hits from larger predatory fish. The SPINBAIT 100 is one more Spybaiting tool that you need in your lure box! Length 100mm 4in Weight 17g 5/8oz Type Sinking (Fixed Weight) Hook #5 Range 3.0~7.0m 10~23ft~


River Bait, CL Dace, Ghost Minnow, Gold Perch, Green Smelt, Morning Dawn, Prism Gill, Ghost M Shad, Chartreuse Gill, Inferno Shad, Komochi Wakasagi

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