Evergreen ZR-4

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Morizo ​​Shimizu s Full-Size Shallow Crank! After a daunting development test period of about 10 years, Morizo ​​Shimizu s full-size shallow crankbait, Zelk, embodies the ideal action that Morizo ​​Shimizu seeks. The unique shape seen in each part is not strange at all, but the shape to create what Seizo calls “fishing action”. Fixed center of gravity & completely silent specifications. Both the conflicting elements of bullet-like flight and high buoyancy required for shallow cranks. It is an absolutely confident work that you can believe and pull down regardless of open water, glass cover, wood cover, middle layer, bottom, which is not only absolutely catchable but also thoroughly focused on ease of use.


Pre Spawn Dynamite, Olive Crawdad, Glow Shad Dazzler, Flash Wakasagi, Magic Gill, Green Pumpkin Gill, Citrus Chartreuse, Cold Snap, Olive Copper Shad, Fire Craw

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