G. Loomis IMX Walleye – Spinning

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*Rods Shipped Outside of Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, North & South Dakota, parts of Nebraska and Iowa that are over 8 0″ in Length are subject to a higher shipping charge due to their length making them a Freight Item. You will be contacted with a quote if your rod falls into these parameters.* G. Loomis Rods may not be in stock, you will be contacted if the rod(s) you purchase is backordered. Short, fast spinning rods designed for fishing jigs vertically, providing excellent line and lure control. Since there is minimal casting using this technique, the guides have been downsized to maximize performance and reduce weight which effectively increases sensitivity, the most important aspect of the vertical jig technique. The GLX versions are incredibly light and very sensitive. They feature the virtually indestructible RECOIL guide system and G.Loomis up-locking reel seat with a short foregrip for those anglers that want to place a finger on the blank. The IMX and E6X versions have Fuji guides special Fuji reel seats! GLX and IMX have longer versions available for casting or pitching jigs as well!   Item number MODEL NUMBER Rod Length (ft) Rod Handle Rod Lure Weight Rod Pieces (No of Section) Rod Line Weight Rod Action (US) Rod Power 12458-01 IMX 751S WJR 6 3″ A 1/16-5/16 1 6-10 lb ex-Fast mag-Light 12459-01 IMX 752S WJR 6 3″ A 1/8-3/8 1 6-12 lb Fast Medium 12461-01 IMX 782S WUR 6 6″ B 1/8-3/8 1 6-12 lb Fast Medium 12466-01 IMX 841S WUR 7 0″ B 1/16-5/16 1 6-10 lb Fast Light 12465-01 IMX 801S WFR 6 8″ B 1/16-1/4 1 6-10 lb ex-Fast Light 12463-01 IMX 802S WJR 6 8″ B 1/8-3/8 1 6-12 lb ex-Fast Medium 12468-01 IMX 851S WRR 7 1″ B 1/16-5/16 1 6-10 lb Fast Light 12470-01 IMX 901S WJR 7 6″ B 1/16-5/16 1 6-10 lb ex-Fast mag-Light


IMX751SWJR – 63\ Vertical Jig, IMX752SWJR – 63\ Vertical Jig, IMX782SWUR – 66\ Universal, IMX841SWUR – 70\ Universal, IMX801SWFR – 68\ Finesse, IMX802SWJR – 68\ Vertical Jig, IMX851SWRR – 71\ Rig, IMX901SWJR – 76\ Vertical Jig

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