Gapen Pencil Float

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The Pencil Float is one of our most sensitive floats and one of the best floats for cold-water and tough bite fishing conditions. The Gapen Pencil Float is both a casting and pole fishing float, a fixed float (fixed depth) and a slip float or slider float. The float (bobber) is so versatile because of it s special SLIP-N-LOCK line attachment hook. ALL GAPEN floats fish both slip-float style and fixed float style. Use the Pencil float s SLIP-N-LOCK to add it to your rig and to take it off quickly. One of the only bobbers on the market where you can change floats without remaking your bobber rig. Simply slide the locking sleeve open and you can transport your rod and rig without the float bouncing up and down. When you are ready to fish – simply snap the hook on your line and lock down the sleeve – simple and fast to setup.


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