Jackall Gantarel JR.

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Smaller than its big brother, but just as lethal, the Jackall Gantarel Jr. delivers all of the innovative features and lifelike detailing as the original – now in a downsized package that appeals to fish of all sizes. Segmented S-shaped swimming action that stimulates predacious instincts. Able to perform 180-degree turns with a sharp jerk, the Jackall Gantarel evokes reflex-driven reaction strikes from cautious followers.   Weight: 1.5 oz. Slow floating lure avoids snags Jointed body swims in an s-shaped motion Pectoral fins give it stability Bearing swivel line tie eliminates line twist Feathered hook disguises the hook Swiveling bottom hooks Tail tip eye and additional bottom line tie for ultimate customization and versatility


Black Impact Gill, Fired Up, Matte Bluegill, RT Bluegill, RT Carp, RT Crappie, RT Ghost Gill, RT Spawn Gill, Scale Gill, Scale Bass

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