Jackall Gantarel

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Jackall Lures brings the Gantarel slow-floating hard swimbait to North American anglers. The 6-inch double-jointed Gantarel body creates an S-shaped swimming pattern while being retrieved and makes 180-degree turns when twitched. These distinct actions further entice big bass when they are following the bait. The Gantarel swimbaits are equipped with feathered treble hooks to add even more realism to this effective and realistic swimbait.   Weight: 2.45 oz. Slow floating lure avoids snags Jointed body swims in an s-shaped motion Pectoral fins give it stability Bearing swivel line tie eliminates line twist Feathered hook disguises the hook Swiveling bottom hooks Tail tip eye and additional bottom line tie for ultimate customization and versatility


Baby Bass, Carp, Fired Up, HL Bluegill, Matte Bluegill, RT Bluegill, RT Carp, RT Crappie, RT Ghost Gill, RT Spawn Gill

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