Jackall Rerange 110

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A favorite among bass anglers, the Jackall Rerange will help you catch more bass! Featuring an advanced TG Zero Friction tungsten weight transfer system, the Rerange uses a fluorine tube so the weight can move effortlessly. When casting, 20% of the weight shifts to the back providing you with longer casts and better action in the water. Twitch the jerkbait, and it will dart left and right through the water. The Rerange has flat sides, which help with creating flashes to attract more attention. With its slender profile and erratic darting motions, bass will think the Jackall Rerange is a fast meal. TG Zero Friction weight transfer system Incredible casting distance High pitch rolling action


SG Threadfin Shad, Matte Pearl White, Blue Pearl Shad, HL Silver Shad, HL Hasu, RT Holo Minnow, RT Minnow, RT Perch, RT Secret Shad II, Burgundy Shad, Chartreuse Back Pearl, Ghost Wakasagi


1/2 oz.

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