Keitech Swing Impact 2.5″-4.5″

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Wouldn’t it be wonderful if there was one soft bait for all of your favorite techniques? Well, now there is – the Keitech Swing Impact. The Keitech Swing Impact is extremely effectively on an A-rig, jig, spinnerbait, chatterbait, Texas-rig, Carolina-rig … well, you get the picture. No matter how it’s fished, the thin, sharp tail of the Keitech Swing Impact catches water and creates a distinctive swinging action. The Keitech Swing Impact is also made with a special dual-injection molding process, which combines two different salted plastics and gives it a well-balanced action at any speed. Impregnated with a heavy dose of squid scent as well, the Keitech Swing Impact is sure to become a familiar site in rod-lockers and stowaways everywhere.  Please Note: French Pearl color does not include squid scent.


Bluegill Flash, Electric Shad, Pro Blue Red Pearl, Sexy Shad, Sight Flash, French Pearl, Alewife, Copperfield, Silver Flash, Smallmouth Magic, Pro Blue Shiner, Silver Shiner, Ayu, Green Pumpkin


2.5\ (10pk), 3.5\ (8pk), 4\ (8pk), 4.5\ (6pk)

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