Kenders Tungsten Jigs 6mm

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Kenders Tungsten Jigs are the perfect presentation for Crappies, Bluegill, and Perch! Tip them with a Waxie, Spike or Crappie Minnow, or use your favorite micro plastics!  Feel lighter bites Get down to fish quickly Use a smaller profile Get better action


Fruity Pebbles Bright UV – TKUV11668, Orange Stripe Glow – TK10168, Dolphin Glow – TK10268, Orange/Yellow Black Stripe – TK10468, Pink Pearl Glow – TK10768, Orange Yellow Glow – TK12068, Maroon Red Ladybug – TK11368, Orange/Green Stripe – TK10668, Bright Pink Glow – TK11168, Bright Orange Glow – TK11268, Bright Red Glow Spots – TK11968, Gold – TKGOLD68, Chartreuse Wonderbread – TK12168, Pink Wonderbread – TK12268, Wonderbread – TK12368, Firetiger UV – TKUV10368, Chartreuse Pink UV – TKUV10568, Citrus Slaw UV – TKUV11268, Crappie Provoke Glow – TK12468, Kryptonite Glow – TK12568, Bright White Glow – TK11468, Baby-Bop Bright UV – TKUV11768, Kamikazzee Bright UV – TKUV11968, Tropical Thunder Bright UV – TKUV12068


6mm Size #8

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