Lindy Rattln Flyer Spoon

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The Rattl’n Flyer Spoon is a lethal hybrid jigging spoon with erratic action and the Flyer’s proven gliding action. Add in the sound of an attention-grabbing brass rattle and you’ve got one potent ice-fishing spoon. Non-lead alloy construction gives the Rattl n Flyer Spoon perfect weight balance. It s light enough to shimmer, dance, dart, or fly; yet heavy enough for the feel and downward momentum skilled spooners prefer. No need to use a swivel as this spoon does not spin on the drop! This active lure is a free spirit that still obeys rod-tip commands Non-lead alloy jigging spoon hybrid Darts and flies outside the hole Lifelike baitfish scale pattern  


T.G Red, T.G Rainbow, T.G Perch, T.G Firetiger, T.G Gold, T.G Silver, Scarlet, Orange Tiger, Chartreuse Tiger, Pink Tiger Glow, Wonderbread Glow, Firetiger Glow, Pink Lemonade Glow, Rainbow Glow, Gold Shiner Red Glow


1/8 oz., 3/16 oz., 1/4 oz., 1/16 oz.

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