Llungen .22 Long

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The .22 Long, designed by Chad Harmon, leverages an aggressive lip angle that allows anglers to target deep water structure.  Once in the water, the bait displaces a tremendous amount of water: appealing to predatory fish that feed off of their lateral line.  The unique rattle placement provides anglers an additional advantage.  The pitch and frequency of the rattle changes during figure eight applications, triggering aggressive boat side explosions! This mid-sized crankbait packs a powerful punch and the exaggerated belly roll gives the .22 Long an action that flat out thumps! Dimensions: 6″ inches long, 8″ inches with lip


Black Perch, Brushed Perch, Crappie, Electric Bluegill, MW Butcher, Naked Perch, Tennessee Shad, Walleye

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