Musky Frenzy Apache Stag 8/9: Thorne Bros. Custom Colors

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Size 8 Colorado/Size 9 Indiana Blades Custom “2 in 1″ Clevis 9” Skirt 1 oz. Egg sinker .051 Wire 2.8 oz. 10 Inches


TBC Black Fire, TBC Bluegill, TBC Walleye, TBC Copper Walleye, TBC Black Crappie – (Tipped Blades), TBC Jailbird, TBC Black Orange, TBC Martian Green, TBC Purple Rootbeer, TBC White Chartreuse Lightning, TBC Black Flame, TBC Perch, TBC Crappie, TBC Blue Walleye, TBC Black Lightning, TBC Brown Flame

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