Musky Innovations Bull Dawg Regular – Pro Dawg (Flexible Harness)

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The new Pro Dawgs have a jointed harness that brings back the flexibility of the original Bull Dawg but keeps the wire strength of solid wire, so they much more erratic action in the water with a lot more belly flash.The new Pro Dawgs have pad printed patterns to get a superior fish look never achieved on Bull Dawgs before. They also have a flexible clear coat that protests the paint and keeps their 3-D eyes intact.The new Pro Dawgs are made with a new durable plastic that will catch more fish and have less failures. Pro Dawgs are made with very high-end materials to stand up to the biggest of large game fish. 9″ 3 oz. – Regular Dawg




Tullibee, Walleye, Purple Shad, Pickleback, Orangetail Sherbert, Natural Baitfish, Ball Licker Special, 24K, UV Cisco, UV Rotten

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