Nichols Lake Fork Spoons

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The Nichols Lake Fork Flutter Spoon is offered in four fish catching colors. “Shattered Glass Holo Silver”, “Shatter Glass Silver Scale”, “Bar Fish” and “Blue Shad” project a reflective scale and sparkle finish. Reflective mylar flash comes hand tied to an ultra sharp treble hook for extra bass catching appeal. Fitted with Spro Power Swivels for increased performance, the Nichols Lake Fork Flutter Spoon is a bass magnet that will gain any fish s attention. Fishing the Flutter Spoon on slack line is very important to its success. Limp or slack line gives the Flutter Spoon its natural fluttering action, similar to a dying shad that provokes the instinctual feeding mechanism.


Silver Chrome, Golden, Silver Scale, Shatter Glass, Blue Shad, Bombshell Shad


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