Northland Tungsten Punch Jig

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Northland took the jig back to the drawing board, and the result is the Northland Tungsten Punch Jig! This jig is unlike any other you have seen before. Northland tweaked the head design to create a jig that falls 20% faster than your average tungsten jig! This faster fall is perfect when you pair this jig with your favorite soft bait because it increases its action, drawing the attention right from the get-go! The flat back head design is made to keep those soft baits in place during the fall, making sure your presentation is spot on every time! Take your jig to new depths with the Northland Tungsten Punch Jig! Sleek design Increased weight-to-size ratio Fall rate 20% faster than traditional tungsten Increased intense action when paired with plastics, or live bait Fish smaller jigs deeper


Chartreuse, Gold, Glow White, Metallic Olive, Black, Glow Pink, Copper, Orange


1/24 oz., 3/32 oz.

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