Outkast Perfect Ned Jig

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FLW Tour Pro Josh Douglas came to us and wanted to design a “Ned Head” that would actually work correctly and provide a standing base under all conditions.  Traditional “ Ned Heads” have too much lead down the shank of the hook and are flat sided. That equals a your bait laying on its side more often than not! The “Perfect Ned Head” has round sides with a perfectly centered flat spot allowing it to stand keeping your bait off the bottom.  2 options for hook sizes, a sticky Gamakatsu hook, and a custom length wire keeper puts this head in a league of its own!


Black (3pk)


1/16 oz. (1/0), 1/16 oz. (2/0), 1/8 oz. (1/0), 1/8 oz. (2/0), 3/16 oz. (1/0), 3/16 oz. (2/0), 3/32 oz. (1/0), 3/32 oz. (2/0)

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