Outkast Stealth Feider Jig

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The Stealth Feider Jig is a tungsten little morsel developed by BASS Elite Series Pro Seth Feider featuring a NEW finer than frogs hair silicone skirt.  The ultra fine silicone skirt makes subtle lifelike movements, similar to rubber, without a twitch of the line.  One key feature that was a must for Seth, was the heavy wire VMC flipping hook.  Easily penetrable with fluorocarbon and stout enough to boat flip beasts with braid, the jig becomes one of a kind.  Pair that with the modified arkie head built for all cover and we are pretty sure you can lock this one in your hand all day for every situation!  


Black Light, Black Sapphire, Bream, Fieder Craw, Money Craw, Black/Brown Amber


1/2 oz., 3/8 oz., 5/8 oz.

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