Strike King Hack Attack Flippin Jig

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Confidently cast to a big bass holding in the thickest cover with the Strike King® Hack Attack Jig, perhaps one of the deadliest heavy-cover jigs ever made. Designed to be fished through the nastiest underwater jungles, both shallow and deep, the Hack Attack Jig features an exclusive no-flex Extreme Gamakatsu® black nickel heavy wire hook for extra bite, and a 30º line tie to increase hook-up percentages. The innovative head shape and heavy-duty weed guard help the Hack Attack Jig slip through cover with ease, while its silicone skirt produces plenty of strike-enticing movement. The Hack Attack Jig is made for heavy fluorocarbon or braided line and heavy rods.


Summer Craw, Blue Craw, Candy Craw, Gator Craw, Black Blue, Okeechobee Craw, Green Pumpkin Craw, Bama Craw


3/8 oz.

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