Strike King KVD Squarebill (Deep)

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Squarebills aren t just for shallow water any more. The Strike King KVD Silent Deep Square Bill Crankbait takes the Classic-winning moves of Kevin VanDam s favorite head-banger to another level, with an upsized bill for a quick dive into deeper bass-holding cover. Equipped with the same proven swimming action, and ability to bang hard cover and change course as the original, the KVD Silent Deep Square Bill is great for triggering strikes at depths other squarebills can t reach. Great finishes plus premium components.


Blue Craw, Brown Craw, Delta Red, Bully, Phantom Watermelon Red Craw, Citrus Shad, Chartreuse Sexy Shad, Sexy Blueback Herring, Neon Bluegill, Natural Bream, Fire Craw, HCKVD1.5D-476


HCKVDS1.5D (2.5\)

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