Texas Tackle Split Ring Pliers

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Texas Tackle Split Ring Pliers aka “SSplit-Ring Pryers” are the World s Best Split Ring Pliers! Hands down Texas Tackle offers anglers the most easy to use and functional split ring pliers available. Best of all these pliers are high quality and affordable. For dependable longevity in the saltwater environment, these split ring pliers are made of high quality surgical stainless steel (corrosion resistance). These Split Rings from Texas Tackle feature a unique and exclusive triangular wedge tip design. The hardened-polished wedge tip offers easy and smooth operation so changing out or replace the hooks and split rings on your lures in a breeze. Also their short compact design is great for packing away when not needed. Also the short length of the pliers offer the angler more precision control, better maneuverability when manipulating a split ring. Texas Tackle offers 3 sizes so no matter how big or small, your common split ring tasks will be made easier. All size pliers now feature a colored rubberized grip for non-slip use when wet. The color grip is unique for each size which is very helpful when fetching out of a tackle bag. “Executive” 30102 – YELLOW – SR-4″ SMALL: Physically smaller 4″ size for freshwater and some saltwater applications. Used on #00-3 split rings. 30100 – ORANGE – SR-5″ STANDARD: Standard 5″ size for most freshwater and saltwater applications. Used on #2-4 split rings. 30101 – GREEN – SR-5″ LARGE: Large 5″ size for Medium to Heavy saltwater applications. Used on #5-7 split rings.


Executive-Small – 30102, Standard – 30100, Large – 30101, XL – SR-5XLXH

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