Traxstech Panoptics Mount TM-1000

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The TM-1000 is a multi-season/multi specie versatile system that can be used for everything from sharpshooting muskies in the open water, to walleyes on a sand break, to your ice house in the winter. Add a piece of our 6″ mounting track to the wall of the shanty or mount it on the floor over the ice hole. It can be used on a boat while structure fishing or trolling. Just slide it into at least a piece of our 6″ mounting track or larger and you re ready to go fishing.How it works: The adjustable arm slides into our track system and tightens in place allowing you to index the arm into multiple different directions. It comes with a 5 aluminum pole that your transducer is mounted to on the end. The pole has a collar system on it that tightens up to the pole and can be adjusted up and down to the depth you need in the water. It sets into the arm yolk and the collar locks into place with a dovetail system that slides in and locks it into place while you are trolling or moving. We have a handle on the top of the pole that allows you to turn and adjust the transducer as needed. The handle also keeps the transducer perfectly lined up so you will know what direction the transducer is always pointing. We have another plunger assembly found on the side and in a trolling application it allows you to turn and adjust and there are holes in the collar assembly that will allow you to lock it into place if need be. It will work with any transducer. This setup allows you to use it on your boat in the spring, summer, fall and in the winter use it on your ice shanty for year-round functionality of your transducer. It allows you to take your transducer from boat to boat, or on vacation with you as well.


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