VMC Finesse Weedless Jigs

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When bass are under pressure, the VMC finesse weedless jig offers increased weedlessness that is aimed at light-feeding fish hanging around cover. Formed around a super-sharp light wire hook, the VMC Finesse Weedless Jig features a hollow back that allows soft plastics to fit snugly against the jig, creating a natural, seamless presentation. Designed with an emphasis on performance, the VMC Finesse Weedless Jig is fitted with a wire keeper and a double wire weedguard, eliminating the hassle of bait adjustment and keeping the razor-sharp hook point free of snags. Covered with an eye-catching glittered finish, the VMC Finesse Weedless Jig delivers a downsized presentation that puts fish in the boat when larger, more aggressive tactics fall short.


1/8 oz., 3/16 oz., 3/32 oz.

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