VMC Tungsten Nymph Jig

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The VMC® Tungsten Nymph Jig offers a micro profile with attitude. The combination of heavy-duty Tungsten and super-fast drop speed delivers your presentation to the strike zones faster and with greater efficiency. Each jig is pre-rigged with the Trigger X® Nymph soft bait (also sold separately). The innovative Trigger X® material attracts fish and maximizes taste and texture to ensure when fish bite they hold on tight! The exclusive VMC® Power Gap hook delivers a wider round gap compared to other competitive micro jigs greatly increasing your hook rate percentage. Natural, Fluorescent and Ultra Glow colors with up to 15 minutes of charge!    


Glow Red, Crappie Minnow, Glow, Glow Chartreuse, Green Orange Glow, Mayfly, Orange Chartreuse Glow, Pink Chartreuse Glow


1/16 oz, 1/32 oz

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